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World Hemophilia Day 17th April 2006

Hemophilia is one of the oldest known hereditary (tendency to run in families) bleeding disorders and is due to complete or partial absence of blood clotting proteins.Although references about unexplained bleeding have been found as early as 2nd century AD, it was not until early 19th century that the nature and transmission of the disease (from mother to sons) was described.

Disease Info
A comprehensive reference guide for over 200 disease and health conditions.
Mini Health Checkup

The "Mini-Health Check Up" is one way of reviewing your fast paced life-style. If the report shows any abnormality you are advised to seek further opinion and go for a master health check up. If you are over 40 yrs this online utility is one way to review your health status.

Medical Humour
Laughter is the best Medicine. Check out some hilarious jokes.
Brain Death And Organ Donation
Brain death usually results from a severe brain injury or brain haemorrhage which causes all the brain activity to stop.
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