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I have lost my password
I have placed an order, when will my items be delivered?

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You can review any of your Rediff Shopping orders.
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The order has still not reached me. Whom do I contact for help?
Can I alter / change the product once registered.
What is the guarantee and warranty provided by Rediff on the product?
I am not able to see my profile.
I have forgotten my user ID and/or password.
I need help putting my photograph up
Why I cannot send mail to others even though I am a subscriber?
   •   I have lost my password
   •   I am getting unwanted mails in my Inbox.
   •   How to recover deleted mails
   •   I can't send or receive any messages from my mail account
Rediff Auctions
How do I register as a buyer?
How do I search for a Product ?
placing a bid..
May I know the applicable shipping charges?
Rediffmail Pro
I have'nt received any confirmation of activation
Who is a domain name provider?
I am unable to receive any mails on this and the other email ids we have created for our company
Rediff Business Solutions
How do I start using my Rediffmail Pro Account?
What are DNS records?
What do you do with my domain registration information?
I forgot my Rediff Business Solutions username and password.What should I do?
Rediffmail Mobile/Plus
I have paid. Why is my account not activated as yet?
Reading mails on mobile phone
Nobody has come as yet to collect the cheque.
I have not yet received my free gift for renewing my Rediffmail Mobile account